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Icon Tester Guide [How To Evaluate Icon Usability And Design?]

When navigating the digital world, you quickly learn that aesthetics matter. The look and feel of your software, website, or app can greatly impact user interaction. One crucial component? Icons.

These miniature graphical elements are vital for guiding users and enhancing their experience. However, you can’t simply throw in any icon and expect it to work wonders.

This is where an icon tester comes into play. If you’ve ever asked yourself how to ensure your icons are doing their job effectively, then this resource is for you. We are about to walk you through the importance of testing your icons and how a good icon tester can make all the difference.

What Is An Icon Tester?

What Is An Icon Tester?

An Icon Tester is a tool or application that allows designers to test and preview how an icon will appear in different environments, sizes, and resolutions.

It is primarily used in app or website development where the visual display of icons plays a substantial role. An Icon Tester is designed to ensure the icon’s design integrity remains intact and visually appealing across all platforms before it gets finalized for implementation.

How Does An Icon Affect User Experience?

How Does An Icon Affect User Experience?

Plain and simple, icons are visual cues. They’re a language that everyone understands, regardless of their native tongue. Icons help to convey meaning in an instant, guiding your users elegantly and effectively through your software, website, or app.

These tiny, compelling pieces of graphic design do a lot more than add aesthetic value to your digital product.

  • Enhance User Interface (UI): Well-designed icons improve aesthetics and visibility.
  • Improve Navigation: They guide users smoothly through content.
  • Save Space: Icons represent complex actions in a compact form.
  • Induce Faster Recognition: Familiar icons allow users to comprehend tasks quickly.

Consider an icon as the tour guide for your website or app: friendly, easy to understand, and efficient at pointing out what’s important.

When carefully designed and placed, icons can make or break the user experience– they erode or enhance user satisfaction and influence overall engagement metrics.

This is exactly why you should give due importance to testing each icon before setting them live on your platform.

How to Choose the Right Icon Tester For Your Needs?

How to Choose the Right Icon Tester For Your Needs?

Before you dive into the world of icon testing, it’s fundamental to find the right tester fitting for your specific needs. Consider these factors:

  1. Ease of Use: The tester should be user-friendly. You don’t want to be wrestling with complex interfaces when you need quick and clear results.
  2. Feature-Rich: Look for an icon tester that offers various functionality, such as color adjustments and size options.
  3. Compatibility: The tool should support different file formats like SVG, PNG, etc., and work well across multiple platforms.
  4. Customer Support: Support is much appreciated if anything goes amiss or if you have any queries during the testing process.
  5. Cost-effective: Pick a solution that gives bang for your buck – quality features at a reasonable cost.

Most importantly, take advantage of free trials or demo versions before committing fully to an icon tester tool.

Top 5 Best Icon Tester Platforms To Test Your Icon?

Top 5 Best Icon Tester Platforms To Test Your Icon?

Testing icons for their effectiveness in user interfaces is a crucial aspect of design, ensuring that icons are recognizable, understandable, and fit well within the context they are used. Here are five platforms that offer robust solutions for icon testing:


Lyssna provides a platform for testing icons in both in-context and out-of-context scenarios. This helps in understanding how users perceive icons in terms of recognizability, comprehensibility, and aesthetic appeal.

By conducting preference tests and gathering both behavioral and attitudinal data, designers can optimize icon designs for a better user experience​​.

AGN (App Guardians)

AGN specializes in app icon testing, focusing on aesthetic appeal and brand consistency. They suggest a five-step process: identifying the issue with the current icon, formulating a hypothesis, creating icon variations, testing these variations, and finally, selecting the winning icon based on user feedback.


UserTesting.com offers a comprehensive approach to testing website icons. It emphasizes the importance of understanding user recognition and expectations associated with icons.

Various test methods include asking users what they think an icon represents, which icon best means a desired action, and what users expect to happen in a particular context.

Icon Tester

While not explicitly focused on icon testing, Icon Tester offers a range of services that could be beneficial for overall website and content optimization, including SEO services, content creation, and site audits.

Their approach to creating engaging and effective content could be useful in the context of designing and testing icons for websites and applications​​.


Although LambdaTest primarily offers codeless testing tools for quality assurance, it includes features that could be beneficial for icon testing. LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that enables testing on over 3000+ real devices and OS combinations.

Tools like Katalon Studio, LEAPWORK, Ranorex Studio, TestCraft, and Selenium IDE offer capabilities like drag-and-drop commands, record and playback features, and support for multiple data sets and parallel implementation.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and methodologies for icon testing, catering to different needs such as comprehensibility, aesthetic appeal, and contextual suitability.

4 Best Android App Icon Tester

4 Best Android App Icon Tester

The choice of platform would depend on the specific requirements of the icon design project, whether it’s for a website, mobile app, or any other digital interface.


A popular open-source Android testing tool, Appium is versatile and easy to use, supporting multiple programming languages.

It allows for cross-platform automation testing for both Android and iOS apps, automates testing across various devices, operating systems, and app versions, and provides a rich set of APIs for app interaction and management.

Appium supports both manual and automated testing for better test coverage​​.


Specializing in app icon testing, SplitMetrics emphasizes the importance of testing different colors, backgrounds, graphics, and compositions to find the front-runner icon.

They suggest keeping the icon simple, playing with colors, using graphics effectively, considering logo inclusion, and adding borders for clarity and attractiveness.

SplitMetrics also provides a platform for A/B testing, allowing for the comparison of different icon designs.


This platform focuses on app icon testing as part of a broader App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy.

StoreMaven advises developing strong hypotheses and designs for icon variations, implementing a targeted traffic strategy for testing, and analyzing results to guide further improvements.

AGN (App Guardians Network)

AGN outlines a five-step process for app icon testing: identifying the issue with the current icon, formulating a hypothesis, creating aesthetic variations, testing and analyzing results, and implementing the winning icon.

They emphasize the importance of understanding user preferences and ensuring the icon aligns with the brand’s image and message.​​

How To Test Your Icons?

Testing your icon is an essential step in ensuring your app or website is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Icon testing can help you understand whether the chosen icon is doing its job correctly.

Still, how can you test an icon? Here’s a simple how-to guide.

  • Use A/B Testing: It’s a popular method where you display two variants, ‘A’ and ‘B,’ of the same icon to different user groups. The most preferred version out of the two is considered more effective.
  • Heatmap Tracking: This advanced testing technique helps you understand exactly where users are clicking on your webpage or app screen. Hotspots reveal which icons are getting attention, while cold spots indicate otherwise.
  • User Surveys and Interviews: These provide direct feedback from real users about their experience with your icons.
  • Usability Testing: Ask participants to complete tasks while using your product and analyze how effective your icons are in guiding them through these tasks.

While the above methods might sound daunting, there are numerous online tools available for them, making it easier than ever before to test icons effectively.

You should be vigilant for some things during this process: which icon design garners the most engagement, whether location affects interaction if color or shape impacts user experience, and if size makes a discernible difference in usability.

Final Verdict

Investing time and effort in icon testing is truly crucial. Icons are your site’s silent guides, helping users navigate better and faster.

Testing ensures you’re using the right ‘guides,’ making your platform truly user-friendly.

Various methods such as A/B testing, heatmap tracking, surveys or usability tests can provide valuable insight for making the perfect choice.

Great icons aren’t just visually pleasing- they take your users by the hand and guide them smoothly through your content. So roll up your sleeves and start testing.

I'm Venus Omar, a computer engineering student excelling in Java, Python, C++, app, and web development. I blend creativity with technical skills, fluent in six languages, and passionate about AI, cybersecurity, and data science. Driven by my love for technology, I constantly learn and innovate, aiming to impact the tech world.

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